Choir / Cantors / Musical Instruments


St. Joseph's Young Adult Choir is made up of 7th-12th graders. The choir will participate in Mass once a month. Practices will be posted in the bulletins two weeks prior to the Mass. All young adults are welcome and encouraged to join. We would also be blessed to have those youths who play a musical instrument join us in our praise of the Lord.

Choir Directors: Steve & Roberta Burghart - 245-0617



The only requirement for a choir member is an interest in music, and some musical ability is helpful. The choir leads the congregation in song during Sunday Mass and may be called upon to support mu­sic at other liturgies. Practice sessions are scheduled regularly and attendance is strongly encour­aged. Everyone is welcome to participate.




Cantors lead the congregation in song during Mass in the absence of the choir, or in participation with the choir. Cantors also lead the sung Responsorial Psalm. Having an interest in music, ability to sing with clarity, willingness to study and to attend practice sessions, are a few of the require­ments. You may also be called on to assist at weddings, funerals and other services.


Parishioners gifted with the ability to play the organ, piano or other musical instruments have an op­portunity to enhance the liturgy with music and support the choir and congregation in song. Helpful skills to perform this role are the ability to accompany singing, proficiency in the performance of the instrument and the willingness to attend practices and workshops. Musicians my be asked to serve at: baptisms, marriages, funerals, reconciliation services, morning & evening prayer services, communion services and possibly rites of anointing.

Choir/Music Coordinator: Chris Krier - 241-2067


Greeters welcome visitors and parish members at both entrances of the church before Mass. Single parishioners as well as families are encouraged to join in greeting our parish family and guests as we assemble before Mass.

Contact: Pat Bledsoe  241-0598

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are selected by the Pastor from among parishioners. Persons wishing to serve as a Eucharistic Minister need to be Catholics in good standing with the Church.  They should also cultivate a devotion to our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the Priest in distributing the Body of Christ in the form of the Host and the Blood of Christ from the cup. They are instructed in the care of the cups and other vessels. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Com­munion may also volunteer to bring Holy Communion to those in nursing homes, hospitals and pri­vate homes. Schedules are posted and announced in the Sunday bulletins.

Those who are selected must attend special training at an Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Com­munion workshop in Wichita or scheduled with the parish pastor. EMHC's are granted permission by the bishop to serve for five years before renewal is necessary.  The Pastor  or EMHC coordinator conduct further training regarding the proper procedure during the liturgy here at St. Joseph's.

Coordinator: Robin Elsasser  620-245-0374


Ushers assist in offering hospitality to parishioners and guests by helping them find a seat and offering directions to other areas of the church. Ushers also help circulate the collection baskets, distribute bulle­tins and process in with the offertory gifts if no one is assigned as gift bearer. Ushers may be asked to serve at special occasions such as funerals. An usher schedule will be posted and available for ushers. Please consult the schedule. If you are going to be unable to usher on your assigned day, please find a replacement.


A new online signup is available.  Please go to Ushers Sign Up to sign up.


Contact Rick Kohl 620-345-2765


Parishioners participate in the Mass by bringing the gifts of bread and wine, along with the weekend col­lection, to the altar. Families, couples or individuals are welcome to serve in this capacity and are scheduled in advance.

Offertory Coordinator: Marie Orth 620-241-4512

Rosary Leaders

Rosary leaders offer the rosary before Mass on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. They lead the congregation by praying the rosary using the microphone at the pulpit and are scheduled in advance.

Coordinator: Kim Glazner 245-0243


The lector proclaims the scripture readings at Mass during the Liturgy of the Word. The Pastor offers training in the proper procedures and the use of the microphone. Two lectors assist at Sunday Mass. The first lector offers an introduc­tion to the Mass as well as the first reading. The second lector offers the second reading and reads the intercessions. The lector may also lead the Responsorial Psalm if it is not led by the cantor. Lectors are responsible for finding a replacement in case of scheduling conflicts or absences.

Lector Coordinator: Robin Elsasser 620-245-0374

Altar Servers

In order to become an altar server young parishioners will need to:

·        Have completed the 3rd grade

·        Have Parents' and Pastor's approval

·        Attend training sessions offered by the Pastor

During Mass, Holy Days and other special occasions, the altar server will assist the Priest in the celebration of the liturgy. Altar servers will need to participate in Mass prayers and hymns. The altar server will need to check the schedule and be responsible for the assigned dates or find a substitute if they are unable to serve. If you can not find a substitute, you will need to notify the chairperson immediately.

Server Scheduler: Tammy Gipson  620-245-7240

Questions or inquiries email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.