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Music News 


Just so you know, we just finished our first "Mystery Composer" in music!  Grades K - 6th grades were able to participate and guess if they thought they knew who it was! The children have 10 clues to try to figure out the mystery composer. Also, your child has the opportunity to see "How Smart Are You?" contest! This is a word definition contest and they will have a week to figure out what the word means, write it down and put it in the "Smart" envelope. So if your child or children come home and wants to have you help them look up a word or a composer, please try to do this!! Even if you could give them hints on how to look up things would be a great help! This is NOT a "have to," but a chance for the children to expand their knowledge in a FUN way! For their effort, they get a piece of candy if they guess right or define the word correctly.


We will not have a mystery composer for the months of November and December! November we are learning about Saint Cecelia - the patroness of musicians! But, there will be words to look up and the first one is the word: patroness. 


REMINDER: December 12th at 7:00p.m. will be the Vocal Christmas Concert!  We are just getting started and have a ways to go yet! More info to follow!


1rst and 2nd graders will be getting to sing at the Opera House for the Christmas Sing-a-long, so more info will be sent home in a letter to let parents know when, what time and other info that will be needed!



Mrs. LaReta Olson


Music News