Phonics guidelines


First graders will continue with Saxon Phonics and Spelling.  You were introduced to this program in Kindergarten.  This is a great program that will help your child learn to read, spell and write.  There will be homework every night except for weekends.  Starting in September, we will be having a spelling test every Friday.  A spelling log sheet will be sent home daily for parents to sign after reviewing words with your child.  Please return the signed sheet daily. Students will also be bring home their phonic readers.  The phonic readers have skills on the back that we will be doing in class.  These are the students books so they can color them at home.  Please keep the books in the box, where your child can get to them so students can reread them as much as possible.


Guided Reading guidelines

Guided Reading

The A-Z readers and our Treasure Leveled readers will be our guided reading books.  In guided reading, the teacher's role is to coach children with prompts and questions by focusing the child attention on strategies and cues that will help overcome reading difficulties.  Guided reading is to develop independent readers who question their understanding of the story.  Students will be placed in a small reading group, at a reading level based upon their ability to read independently with out being frustrated.  With a small class, there will be a lot of one on one time with your child.  Students will be bring their reader home in a zip lock bag.  Students are to read the book to a parent.  Parents please sign the green reading log.  Students can read the book several times but only sign it once.  There may be a worksheet to help with comprehension, it will need to be completed that night.  The next day I will be quizzing the students on their comprehension.

Since the A-Z readers are paper copies, it's very important to NOT  have your student or another child color on these books.

We will be reusing them from year to year.


Water Bottles

Water Bottles

I recommend that the kids bring a water bottle from home.

This cuts down on disruptions in the class when a child wants a drink.

Students will be able to put them on their desk.

I will remind students to take their bottles home to be washed.

Please make sure your child's bottle has a lid (preferably one with a top that can be shut).