New School Uniforms Message

Dear Parents,
We have been diligently working with our new uniform company, Schoolbelles, to get our personalized website up and running.  I know several of you have asked about ordering shorts and shirts for this spring.  We have a few winter items yet to add but otherwise the website is ready to go. The link for the website is below.  There are also direct links below to their sizing chart.  A few things:

1.  You are not required to buy anything this spring, but if you are in need of something it makes sense to buy it from Schoolbelles instead of French Toast so it can transition to the new uniform policy. 
2.  Please always use our school code when ordering so you get only the items we have chosen for our uniform policy.  This code also earns money for our school based on the purchases you make.  Our code is :  S2795

3.  You will notice that the items you see on the screen will not necessarily show up in the color/plaid that we have chosen.  Don't worry, you will have a color selection to make that will give you the correct color/plaid.  Insuring that you get the correct color/plaid is another reason to use our school code ( S2795 ) when ordering.

4.  Remember, sales are very frequent with this company.  We will try to let you know when one is occurring but setting up your account with them will help insure you get notification of the sales too. 

5.  On the website you will see several categories that are just for "fun" such as backpacks, lunchboxes, and school supplies.  You might want to check out the hair accessories.  They are cute and will be in done in our plaid!  Again,all of these categories are just for fun and are absolutely not required items at any time!
5.  If you are in need of ordering something but the price is a hardship, please don't hesitate to let me know.  I can help you with that! 

The link:  Schoolbelles Uniforms