Monthly Principal's Letter

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe this is the last Angel News of the year!  This time of year is always exciting as we begin to look towards the coming school year and all it may bring, but also a little sad as we prepare to say goodbye to our graduating families and staff members who are moving on to other opportunities.  This year we have 5 families graduating their last child from St. Joseph Catholic School.  We thank them for the many years of service, volunteering, and support they have given us.  They have driven for field trips, been room parents, served on committees, sold Oktoberfest tickets, and been a vital part of our school community.  They are the families of:  Alyssa Harger, Kaylee Nesby, McKenna O’Brien, Nathan Stecklein, and Zach Stein.  Thank you!

Every year, we must also say goodbye to teachers and staff members who will move on to new opportunities.  We thank them for their service because we know that teaching and working in a Catholic School is a unique experience that requires an attitude of vocation, sacrifice and giving.  These teachers have shown all of those and many more characteristics that have made them a special part of St. Joseph Catholic School.  We wish them all the best in their next adventures.  They are Becky Wiard who has served us for 15 years in our Angel Depot.  She has been fabulous with the littles and their parents who are often anxious about sending their children off to school for the first time.  Thank you Becky for the solid foundation you have given our preschoolers.  We know that when they leave your room they will be ready for kindergarten!  Also leaving us is Andrea Tully who taught 4th grade for us for 3 years.  Andrea has a love for teaching math and has done a great job with it and all the subjects.  She teaches with much enthusiasm and her students consistently have high test scores showing they have learned much from her guidance.  Thank you, Andrea!  

Of course, when God closes a door, he opens a window!  As we sadly say goodbye to Andrea and Becky, we are excited to welcome new staff and new opportunities to our school for next year.  Mrs. Julie Grieb will be our new Angel Depot Teacher.  She has been our lead afternoon teacher in our Little Kingdom preschool in Lindsborg for 2 years and has helped Ms. Becky in the mornings in Angel Depot.  Ms. Julie loves the littles and looks forward to being in Angel Depot full time.   Miss Anna Kate Schwindt will be a full time teacher aide for Mrs. Grieb in Angel Depot.  Miss Anna is currently working on her degree in early childhood education and has spent this year volunteering in Angel Depot.  She is excited to be with us full time as she also continues her degree hoping to someday have her own classroom! 

Mr. Joe Casanova is anxious to get back into the regular classroom and will be taking Mrs. Tully’s position.  Joe taught at a Catholic School in Pennsylvania before moving to Kansas and has a special love for language arts and the Catholic Faith.  Although he has enjoyed the PE position, he looks forward to using his talents in the regular classroom.   Mrs. Catrina Wallace will be teaching PE next year.  This is a perfect opportunity for her and us as she loves the children and sports and activities.  Did you know she is a Hall of Fame inductee at Newman University where she was an outstanding volleyball player?  Catrina has done much substituting for us this year and we look forward to having her as a permanent employee in the fall.  Welcome, Catrina!

In addition, Mrs. Jackie Loecker will be retiring at the end of June as our food service director. Jackie will have completed 15 years of service to St. Joseph and has done an excellent job with all of the paperwork and requirements we have for offering a school lunch program.  Her attention to detail has been a blessing during all of our audits and program reviews!  We wish her many happy days of traveling to visit her mother, children and grandchildren.  Next year, Kim Almquist will be considered our program director and Jackie’s responsibilities will be divided among Kim, Linda Harger and Jeri Burghart.  

So, we will finish this year with all of the activity and excitement the end of the year brings.  And at the same time be looking ahead to all that is in store for us in the fall! 

God is Good, and we are Blessed.  Have a great summer!                Peggy Bahr, Principal