Monthly Principal's Letter

Dear Parents,

The school year is off to a great start!  It was such a blessing to begin the school year with all returning teachers and staff!  It really made it easy to jump right in and get the year going!  A big “thank you” to all of the parents who attend our Back to School Parent Information Night.  Your commitment to helping us communicate well with you is very helpful, and I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to spend the evening with us.   As I mentioned at Information Night, you should find in your oldest SJCS child’s bookbag an envelope with a SJCS magnet in it.  Along with that, you will find a bookmark with the Virtue “Love” written on it.  This is our “Virtue of the Month” and we will be referring to it as we work with students on helping them make good choices and correcting their poor choices.  We would ask that you hang the magnet and bookmark on your refrigerator so as a family you too can relate the virtue of Love to discipline issues that may arise at home.  For example, at our first assembly I talked to students about the meaning of Christian Love, willing the good of another, and related it being happy for someone who has a great baseball game, rather than being jealous of their success. I also talked to them about the Vices related to Love as being jealousy, envy, and resentment.  Maybe you can find similar examples this month to point out to your own children.  The more aware they are of how to be

Virtuous avoid Vice, the more successful they will be in navigating this sometimes-crazy world in which we live! Each month you will receive a new bookmark to hang from your refrigerator with the new month’s virtue on it. In addition, you will receive some ideas for a family lesson, project or discussion about the Virtue.  You are encouraged to do this but not required to do it or return it to school.  

Congratulations are in order!  We had 3 staff members who were honored this fall for anniversaries of employment in the Catholic Diocese of Wichita.  They are as follows: 

Jeri Burghart-10 years.  When she began, Jeri was a teacher aide and is currently the church and school receptionist.

Kim Almquist-15 years.  Kim is a truly flexible person who wear many hats including, maintenance person, teacher aide, lunch coordinator and librarian!  

Tammy Gipson-30 Years!  Tammy began her teaching career out of college at SJCS and has taught all grades and subjects from 3rd to 6th grade during her tenure at SJCS.  Currently she teaches Religion (grade 6), Social Studies (grade 4-6) and Science (grade 46).  Tammy has a great love of travel and shares her many experiences around the globe with her students, making her classroom “come alive” during her lessons.

I’m so grateful for all that the three ladies do at SJCS!  We are a better school because of their hard work and dedication.     Please contact me if you ever have questions or concerns during the school year!  Good communication between home and school is key to a successful school year!  My door is always open!

Through Christ, Peggy Bahr, Principal