Liturgy Committee

The literal definition of "liturgy" is "work". It is the work of praising God through the Eucharistic Rite or Mass. The Liturgy involves every aspect of the Mass.

The Liturgy Committee assists the Pastor with planning and implementing the various aspects of liturgical activities in the parish. Members of the committee represent different ministries; Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, RCIA, Music, Ushers, Liturgical Environment, Church Care, Servers and other members of the parish at large. The meetings occur on an average of four or five times a year. Planning is done for the various liturgical seasons. There are also discussions and suggestions for special liturgies or opportunities for enrichment, prayer and worship of the parish. The committee can advise the Pastor and assist him carrying out ideas and solving problems that are shared by the committee through feedback from parishioners.

The members involved with liturgy need to anticipate church needs in advance. They need to be aware of church seasons in the liturgical calendar and be sure that scheduled jobs of parishioners do not conflict if an individual does more than one activity. Please remember that your attitude must be to do everything for the honor and glory of God.

Liturgy Committee Members

Name/Title Representitive of
Fr. Ben Shockey, Pastor Member At Large
Chris Kaufman, Chairperson RCIA Coordinator
Steve Burghart Youth Choir Coordinator
Tammy Gipson Altar Server Coordinator
Annette Smith Prayer Line
Kim Glazner Eucharistic Adoration
Deb Nowak Eucharistic Adoration
Roberta Burghart/Tai Williford Music Ministry, Adult Choir
Diane Martinez Art and Environment
Marie Orth Offertory Gifts
Rick Kohl Ushers
Joan Reichenberger Member
Robin Elsasser Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion