Grade 6 Memo Jan. 9-23 is published

Happy New Year.  Time sure has  gone quickly. We are in the final semester of 6th grade. Please check out my web page for the latest and most up to date memo. Mrs. Gipson

Grade 6 Memo Dec. 5-19 is published

Please check my web page out for the latest and final memo of the semester. Thanks, Mrs. Gipson

Memo Nov. 15-Dec. 1 is published

Please check out my web page for my latest and greatest Memo.  Yes, Christmas Around the World will be coming up soon. The students will know their country on Nov. 17th. The program will be Weds. Dec. 13th. We will have a sack lunch day Monday Nov. 27th after break.

May everyone have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.  Please remember to not take for granted all the little blessings that come our way each day:

Like a smile

Fresh air to breathe

A helping hand

A kind word

A nice house to live in

Food to eat

The joy of hearing laughter

The crunch of leaves when walking

Freedom to pray

A gentle hug

Our families

and most of all our life

and remember to thank God from whom all blessings flow.

Love, Mrs. Gipson

Welcome to Mrs. Gipson's Class

Welcome back to school. I am looking forward to a great year.  I hope to form each of my students to live in the Image of Christ.

Each day, I have a 5 part mission that my students, learn something new, grow in holiness and grace, have an experience to fill up their suitcase of life, feel loved, and that I get to know each of them well.

Look for a Memo every other week to keep up with the latest and greatest happenings in my room.

Here is to a SUPER DUPER year. Mrs. Gipson

Discipline/Demerits gr. 5-6


We will use the Demerit System in the upper grades at St. Joseph School. Please see the attached card for infractions that may result in a demerit.  Students will receive 2 demerit cards.  The yellow one will be for behavior issues. The blue one will be for academic issues.  This will allow the office a better means of keeping track of behavioral referrals.


5 demerits = 30 minute detention

10 demerits=60 minute detention

15 demerits=1 day in-school suspension

20 demerits=2 day in-school suspension


A student will have a “clean slate” at the end of each 9 week grading period and receive 2 new demerit cards.  An extra incentive will be given to those who have no demerits at the end of each quarter.

Homework Philosophy Gr. 5-6

Late Work

Students will be docked 5% each day for late work and may be kept in from recess to complete the unfinished work. A demerit may also be issued.



Homework Philosophy

Students in every grade have homework.  Typically homework should be 50-60 minutes a night.  By the upper grades, students should be able to do their lessons independently for the most part.  Homework reinforces newly learned skills and is essential in helping children review and master new knowledge and concepts.