Altar Society



Robin Elsasser & Karin O'Reilly

Co Presidents
620-242-9226 & 620-241-1226

St. Joseph Altar Society is an organization for the women of the parish community to foster care of the liturgical vessels and vestments used in the liturgy, provide for the decoration of the sanctuary and altar and provide an occasion for social activities and the growth of friendships. Altar Society meets monthly and is responsible for several fund raising activities to support their mission. The ladies of the Altar Society have bake sales periodically throughout the year. All ladies of the Parish are invited to bring their home-baked goods for the sale (either for the Saturday evening Mass or Sunday morning Mass). Notice of upcoming bake sales will be published in the bulletins.

We would love to see you ladies at our monthly Altar Society meetings.  Meetings will be the first Thursdays of each month at 6:30pm.


Current Altar Society Officers

Co-Presidents:  Robin Elsasser 242-9226   &     Karin O'Reilly: 241-1226

Secretary:  Mary Ann Cram

Treasurer: Vonda Persson: 241-0373