Weekly Message from Father

My Dear Parishioners,

               Please join me in thanking God for all the children of our parishes and also for their successful academic school year.  They have grown much and learned so much this year and are ready for the next level of education.  Congratulations to St. Joseph Catholic School’s float for winning the 2018 parade in the pre-school float category.  Thank you to the many parents who put the float together for our little children to ride on, to enjoy the nice day and to present themselves and the float to our community.  Let us always love our children for they are the future of our church and community.  Their last day of school was yesterday, Tuesday, May 22nd, with a special Holy Mass of thanksgiving.  Thank you everyone, especially to our beloved teachers and parish staff for their unconditional love and education of our children.  It was truly a fun academic year for our children and teachers, staff and especially for me.  Please enjoy your children throughout this summer.

 We thank God for the newly ordained deacons for our diocese who were ordained last Saturday, May 19th, at the Cathedral in Wichita.  They are deacons Drew Dellasega, Kurt Pauly, and Matt Siegman.  God willing, these transitional deacons will be ordained priests this time next year.  This Saturday, May 26th, at 10:00am at Church of the Magdalen, our Diocese of Wichita will be blessed with 10 new young priests.  They are Fathers: Michael Brungardt, Garett Burns, Isaac Coulter, Matt Davied, Nic Jurgensmeyer, Michael Kerschen, Chris Martin, Jimmy Schibi, Todd Shepherd, and Derek Thome.  Personally, I want to thank God for my 18 years as a priest this Sunday, May 27th.  I was the youngest among my classmates of Fathers Eric Weldon, Joseph Eckberg, and Joseph Tatro.  We have been good friends to each other.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.  Let us offer our prayers and love to all those who laid down their lives for our freedom.  Please be safe in your traveling.  Please enjoy your family and don’t forget to attend Holy Mass wherever you may be.  Visit www.masstimes.org for Masses near your traveling locations.  I will take my vacation with my sister’s family on June 5-15 to New Orleans, Louisiana.  I am planning to eat a lot of sea food in New Orleans and during our 5 days of cruising on the sea.  Of course, I will have Masses on board for everyone on the ship.  I hope that I will not get seasick; otherwise, I would look like a drunken priest celebrating Mass. 

I love you all and always, Fr. Hien