Weekly Message from Father

My Dear Parishioners,

Blessings from our Lord be with you all, especially through the intercession of St. Bridget, as we will celebrate her feast day this Sunday, July 23rd.  Everyone is invited to join us for 11am Holy Mass, followed by a luncheon at St. Bridget. Meat, dessert, drink and table service will be provided.

A special thank to Landon Vogts and his family for the beautiful outside classroom with picnic tables for our church and school.  I was told that the only part of this special project that was not done was the planting of the bushes and flowers around the 4 corners due to the hot weather.  They will be planted this fall or next spring.  Please go out and enjoy the Vogts’ family hard work.  Thank you to those who helped Landon with his project in one way or another, including your financial support. 

Parishioners, please join me in thanking J.S. Paluch Co., Inc for providing us free bulletins every week throughout the year, especially in the last 6 years.  Annually, J.S. Paluch Co., Inc also gives $1,700 cash donation to St. Joseph (that’s a lot of money that they made, if any, from our local businesses).  Their business and our churches rely on the loyalty of our local businesses in advertising with J.S. Paluch so as to continue providing free bulletins to us weekly.  A representative, Sean Graziano, will be in McPherson on Monday & Tuesday, July 24 & 25, for anyone to either thank them personally or if you have questions about advertising with them, etc.   His personal contact info is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 636-751-4192.  They really need more support/advertising in our bulletins to cover their costs and to continue supporting us.  As church families, we are grateful to those who have done good things for us and our churches.  Please support J.S. Paluch with your advertising if possible.  Thank you to all businesses currently advertising with them. 

Last Wednesday, July 12th, I celebrated my 45th birthday with Holy Mass for many children who were here for Totus Tuus.  I had lunch with our children.  On my birthday, a parishioner with her daughter made a special cake for me.  They also made individual cupcakes for all the children.  I was amazed at their love, the song our children sang to me and the special birthday card made and signed by our children.  Thank you everyone for a special treat.  In addition, I also received many birthday cards, prayers and wishes from many people.  I loved it.  Thank you.  I also received gifts, food and money for fishing supplies.  What I did instead was buy more guppies for my 55 gallon fish tank to enjoy God’s little creatures every day.  There is also enough money for me to spend on my hunting supplies this fall.  Thank you everyone for your love, prayer and generosity.  You made my birthday and my life special.  For these reasons, I love you much and have not been afraid to share with you about my life and my health condition.  Health-wise, I have been feeling good.  For now, it seems that the doctors, including the specialists, have done all that they can for me.  All the tests I took in the last 8 months have shown nothing wrong with my eyes, ears, nose, or head, even ruling out a tumor.  My heart specialist wants to see me again in 6 months and there is a possibility of inserting a micro chip in my body to catch the problem when my heart acts up abnormally (he thinks it’s my heart).  So, please pray for me so that God’s will can be done for me.  I promise to live each day to the fullest and always trust in God and remind myself how blessed I am to be 45 and to have so many good-hearted people in my life, such as my family, friends and parishioners praying, loving and caring for me. 


 Thank you everyone, especially our children; I love you all, Fr. Hien