Weekly Message from Father

 My Dear Parishioners,

             Please know that our St. Joseph and St. Bridget parishes’ school of religion (PSR) and youth programs (CYM) are in session for the good of your children.  St. Bridget classes are held on Sunday mornings and St. Joseph classes are on Wednesday evenings.  If your children, high school ages and younger, are currently attending public school, they need to attend one of our parishes’ school of religion programs to continue learning their Catholic Faith.  Our parishes are here to help parents educate their children in the way of faith.  We can’t help your children if they don’t attend our classes.  Please make every effort to bring them to our religion classes and above all to attend Holy Mass together as a family.  Thank you!

Parishioners of St. Joseph, our St. Joseph students, teachers and staff have been praying for you since Advent of 2016 for your stewardship way of life in our church and school.  We began with the last names from A to Z.  Because we have about 440 families in our parish, it takes us a year to pray for every family by name, every day of the week.  Here are the families that have been prayed for from August 21 to September 22: Alfredo & Micaela Miguel, Brian & Angela Miller, Mark & Jolene Miller, Vernon & LaVona Miller, Zach & Sarah Mills, Terry & Marilyn Minson, Terrance & Tracy Minson II, Aaron Mitchell, Joe & Janet Mitchell, JB & Clari Montagne, Jerry & Janice Montagne, John & Alma Moore, Lynn Moore, Bob & Lois Moore, Derek & Carmen Schowengerdt-Moore, Miguel & Crystal Morales, Joseph Mosier, Milam & Alice Mounts, Jim & Denise O'Connor Munsey, David & Jennifer Myers, Mary Ann Myers, Todd & Sara Nason, Conrad & Staci Neiman, Chandler & Bonnie Nelson, Janice Neuschafer, Ashlea Nicholson, Mike & Kathy Nieman, Rodney & Megan Nieman, Jean Nobert, Brett & Debbie Nowak, Fred & Sharon Nowak, Ed & Wendy O'Brien, David & Karin O'Reilly, Ted & Jean Odle, Clyde & Belen Olson, Mark & Kelly Olson, Jim Onken, David & Debra Orth, Frank & Marie Orth, Edward & Pat Oswald, Connie & Charlotte Otter, John & Rita Owens, Ann & Torrance Parkins, Laura Parks,Kyla Partain, Kenneth & Gloria Pasek, Victor Jose Pedro, Brent & Carrie Pelzel, Tim & Vonda Persson, Tom & Brenda Peters, Marvin Peters, Ron Peters, Kendall & Christine Peterson, Lowell Peterson, Joseph & Sheila Pfannenstiel, Craig & Lori Pflughoeft, Luat & Trang Pham, Thi-Q Pham & Anh Pham, Ryan Pinkall, Brad & Amy Plackemeier, Ashley Pontious, Trey & Sandy Pontious, Dolores Powell, Larry & Mary Lynn Powell, Gabe & Shelly Prescott, Lenny & Connie Prosser, David & Jill Ptacek, Dorothy Purdy, Doug & Jennifer Quint, Jack & Janet Rader.

Looking at the families above, we can tell that some parishioners have moved on to another location to live for the good of their family.  Also, we have parishioners who have passed on to eternal life.  We give thanks to God for them all.  We truly love and appreciate their good deeds done for our church family.  May God bless them and reward them with His love, peace, happiness and eternal life in heaven. 

Are you ready for October?  St. Joseph school will host our annual pumpkin sale soon.  Pumpkins will arrive on Wednesday, September 27 at 6pm in our church’s parking lot in a semi-truck.  Everyone, including children, are welcome to give us a hand to unload and lay out the pumpkins ready to sell.  You and your whole family can also volunteer to help sell the pumpkins during the day or in the evening every day of the week, including weekends. 

Come have fun with us, Fr. Hien