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Parish 5 Day Outlook

Friday, August 22nd

Angel News Publication
Baptismal Mass • 8:00am - 9:00am
Saturday, August 23rd

Baptism: Moreno's children • 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Sunday, August 24th

Becky Wiard's Birthday
Monday, August 25th

Grade Check
Tuesday, August 26th

Server Training • 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Oktoberfest Planning Meeting • 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Message from Mrs. Bahr Print
Written by Summer Creed   
Friday, 22 August 2014 09:37

Dear Parents,

The school year has gotten off to a smooth start!  Thank you to those of you who provided food and goodies for the teachers on the first days of school.  We are so blessed to have such thoughtful parents and such an active PTO.

This promises to be another exciting year of technology.  The teachers each have a new laptop and therefore were able to pass their previous ones down for students to use.  With those laptops students now have access to 32 laptops and 18 tablets each day. When looking at students in K-6 grade this makes an almost 2:1 ratio for students and devices!   We also redid the wireless routers in the building to help connectivity of all the devices.   Thank you to the St. Joseph Endowment Fund and the PTO for funding these technology updates.

Students will also be using a new math series this year.  The series comes with many lessons and activities that can be done on the Promethean boards.  So again, students will be emerged in technology throughout the day.

We have several staff members who were recognized by the diocese for years of service to Catholic Schools.  Jeri Burghart was recognized for 5 years of service.  Jeri currently serves as a teacher’s aide.  She also covers recess duty during the lunch period.  Kim Almquist was recognized for 10 years of service.  Kim is currently our librarian and a teacher’s aide.  She also serves lunch each day.  In September Kim will be changing her role to include custodian as she and her daughter Staci will be taking over for Dave when he retires.  Roberta Burghart was recognized for 20 years of service.  She has spent those years as our Kindergarten teacher.  Roberta’s love of the faith and her commitment to Catholic Education shines through in her classroom!  Tammy Gipson received recognition for 25 years of service to Catholic Education.  Tammy is always willing to go the extra mile to give her students many hands on experiences and field trip adventures!  I want to thank all of these ladies for their dedication to the ministry of teaching in our Catholic School.  They all help us to meet our goal of “Educating each child in the image of Jesus Christ”.  Please pray for all of our teachers and students this year.

Each year I enjoy going to Mass with the students.  I love to hear them sing.  Please join us sometimes for Mass at 8:05 a.m. Wednesday through Friday.  The students do a wonderful job leading all the Mass parts. Of course the most important thing you can do for your child is to ensure they get to Mass every weekend! You are your child’s first and most important teacher of the faith and your example will go far in helping them become active, adult members of a parish.  Please let me know how we can help you with the important role.

Peggy Bahr, Principal


Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:40

Letter from Fr. Hien to the McPherson Sentinel on August 7th:

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the love and blessings of our Lord and God be with you all, to keep safe and sound, joyful and happy, and above all, filled with faith in God.  We live each day to love and to serve our Lord who has been so good to us.  God has blessed us with so much, especially the gift of faith in God.  In our prayer, we should thank God and promise to love God will all our hearts, minds and souls every day.  Looking around the world, especially in the Middle East, war and violence have been going on for a long time and so many innocent people have been killed, it saddens our hearts.  People are dying every day due to wars, violence, and abuse of weapons.  All of these evils are happening everyday due to people’s lack of love for one another, which means a lack of love for God.  God would never want us to do harm unto one another.  Every human being, born or to be born, beginning from the moment of conception, has the right to life.  Our world would be better if people would choose to live with love, in peace and harmony with each other.  Here in America, we thank God for our blessed nation.  We thank God for all the men and women in uniform serving, defending and protecting our nation and our lives.  May God bless America and all those who live in it with peace, love and prosperity, especially our little children.  Our Lord Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Please join me in thanking God everyday for our young children for they are God’s most important, special and sacred gift to all of us in this life.  Our children are the future of our nation and also are the reason we do everything and sacrifice everything we have for them, their education and spiritual formation.  We love them.  As they are about to begin a new academic school year, let us keep them in our prayers.  We pray for their parents, family members and teachers & staff at schools to be people of love to care for them and people of faith to inspire them.  We would like our children to learn all that they can in school to be great and to be successful in life.  We want our children to dream big so that they can take care of themselves when they grow up and also do good for our nation.  These children are the future of America, of our town and above all, our faith community.  Let us be proud of them and ask God’s blessings upon them for they are truly precious to us all.  May they be blessed with a good and healthy family who truly cares and loves one another, and more importantly, a family that believes in God.  A family that eats together stays together…a family that prays together will always have each other in this life and forever in the life to come in heaven.

In Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior,

Rev. Hien Nguyen, pastor of St. Joseph


Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:10

My Dear Parishioners of All Ages,

The new school year is here and our young children are ready to learn and to grow spiritually.  We pray that our Lord is always with them to keep them safe and learn all that they can to be successful and also to love God dearly.  Our most important priority everyday is to thank God for our life, family and friends.  We all have a family and many friends.  Our second most important priority everyday as disciples of Jesus is to do good unto others at all times, at home, at work and also at school.  Every person on earth has the grace from God within their hearts to do good unto any person.  God is the source of all goodness and our true happiness, peace and joy.  When we love God, we have everything we need to be happy and to be loving.  Our loving Lord is always there to hear our prayers and to answer them as long as our prayers are pleasing to Him.  Please remember to attend the Holy Day of Obligation this Friday, August 15th as it is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Holy Masses will be at St. Joseph on Thursday, August 14th at 5:30pm and Friday at noon at 7:30pm.  Mass at St. Bridget is at 5:30pm, Friday, August 15th.  Please make every effort to attend one of these 4 Masses to pray and give thanks and worship to God.  Throughout the school year here at St. Joseph, please join our children for daily Mass as much as you can, especially parents and grandparents who do not have to be at work for a living.  Every parent and family member, including non-Catholic families, are encouraged to join us in singing, praying and loving our Lord in the Eucharist.  Please remember that only God can make us truly happy, at peace and full of love for one another.  Only God can give us eternal life; let us love God with all our hearts, minds and souls.  God is the reason we live everyday to love one another and to sacrifice for one another.  I lovingly challenge our Catholic parents to take one day a month to attend Holy Mass with your children and also have lunch with them.  They would love to have you as much as they love to have Fr. Hien eating lunch with them.  Personally, life is too precious for us to be too busy with too much worldly work every day.  We don’t live to work; we work to provide food and shelter for our families.  We must make time for God and for one another---only these will be with us in time of need and also in heaven.  Please keep all of our children, teachers and staff in our daily prayer for safety, healthy, and fully academically & spiritually driven.  We love them all!

Parish Summer Penance Service: Next Wed., August 20 at 6:30pm with guest priests for confessions.  Confessional guides will be available in the back of the church.  If you have been missing weekend Mass or the holyday of obligation due to your own fault, please be not afraid to ask for forgiveness.  Our loving Lord is waiting to forgive us and to give peace to our soul.  Finally, it’s so good to be back home from Carthage, Missouri with my family to my own bed.  Many people attended, including people from California who drove for about 28 hours one way.  My nieces & nephews want to go again so that they can sleep in the tents.  It was really fun; and yes, you were all in my heart & prayer every day, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 07:43

My Dear Parishioners,

I pray for God’s blessings and love upon you and your family.  As you are reading this message, I am in Carthage, MO, with my parents for the Marian Days.  I will be thinking of you a lot and praying for you.  This weekend, you will have the privilege to meet your new bishop Carl Kemme as you attend Holy Mass.  Please enjoy him and thank him for being with us.  Don’t forget to enjoy the reception in our parish halls after each Mass to visit one another and also with our new bishop.  Thank you!

Please join me in welcoming back our St. Joseph students and staff for the new school year.  Classes will start next Thursday, August 14th with many new faces.  We will start our first day of school with a Holy Mass at 8:05am to ask for God’s blessings and the protection from St. Joseph upon all of us.  May God help us to learn about Him, love Him, serve Him and one day be with Him and all the angels and saints in heaven.  We love God and we also love our family and friends.  We will pray for one another everyday in our classrooms and also in church at Mass.  God and our students are the reasons our teachers and staff come to St. Joseph every day.  I hope and pray that every student will enjoy each other, especially their new friends and classmates.  I pray that every one of our teachers and staff will behold our children as God does and love them as God loves them.

Holy Day of Obligation:  Next Friday, August 15th is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Holy Masses will be at St. Joseph on Thursday, August 14th at 5:30pm and Friday at noon and 7:30pm.  Mass will be at St. Bridget at 5:30pm, Friday, August 15th.  Please make every effort to attend one of these 4 Masses to pray and give thanks and worship to God.  May our Blessed Mother Mary pray for us, our family & friends and our beloved deceased until we are all in heaven with her.  Since it’s a holy day of obligation, there will be a special collection at Mass.  All collections will benefit our parish and school.  Thank you!

Parish Summer Penance Service:  please come on Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30pm - I will invite guest priests to be available for confession.  I will have confession guides available in the back of the church if you need one.  If you have been missing weekend Mass or the holy day of obligation due to your own fault, please know that you need to go to confession and ask for forgiveness.  Our loving Lord will forgive us of all our sins as long as we come to receive His forgiveness and give peace to our soul.  Our soul wants God only and our children want loving and faith-filled parents above all things.  When a parent fails their children in the way of faith, they fail their children for life.  However, if one tries to live one’s faith, one will never fail oneself or any one.  God is not looking for a perfect person or parent; He is looking for a person who is trying, including a person who has failed a million times before.  The truth is - NEVER give up living your faith because your faith will be your salvation even if today it seems so small, tiny, weak and insignificant; in the eyes of God, your faith is precious.

With love & prayer, Fr. Hien

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