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Parish 5 Day Outlook

Sunday, May 24th

Monday, May 25th

Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 26th

Wednesday, May 27th

Prayer & Action Retreat for Leadership Team
Thursday, May 28th

Prayer & Action Retreat for Leadership Team
Reese Wedding Set Up • 5:30pm - 6:30pm
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Written by Summer Creed   
Friday, 06 March 2015 10:20

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 08:57

My Dear Parishioners,

Happy Pentecost! “Come Holy Spirit, come and fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.”  May the Holy Spirit warm our hearts, mind and souls with God’s eternal love now and forever.  Amen

Please join me in praying for the repose of the souls of Jenta Unruh and Don Cassatt who recently passed away in our parishes of Saints Joseph and Bridget.  As a church family, we will pray for them and also schedule a Holy Mass for them.  We thank God for them and their ministries in our parishes.  Let us also extend our love and sympathy to their families in this difficult time of loss.  May their faith and hope in God be their peace and consolation.

Deaconate & priesthood ordinations:  Our diocese of Wichita is blessed to have many young men being ordained this weekend at our Cathedral in Wichita.  Let us pray especially for these five deacons who will be ordained priests this Saturday.  They will be called Fr. Zachary Pinaire, Fr. Curtis Hecker, Fr. Joshua Evans, Fr. PJ. Voegeli, and Fr. Devin Burns.

I can’t believe that on Wednesday, May 27th, I will be ordained 15 years as a priest.  I was ordained on May 27, 2000 with Fr. Eric Weldon, Fr. Joseph Eckberg, and Fr. Joseph Tatro.  Yes, I was the youngest, shortest and the smartest fisherman among the group.  Congratulations to these my brother priests on their 15th anniversary.  May our Lord Jesus continue His blessings upon us and help us to always: Believe what we read. Teach what we believe. Practice what we teach for the salvation of all souls.  We love you Jesus!

15 years as a priest has gone by so quickly for me because God has been so good to me.  I am extremely blessed to be a priest today.  God also blessed me and my family with 29 years of living in this blessed nation.  Since the day I came to America as an immigrant, I have made many friends, more than I can remember, including Vietnamese friends.  Everyone is dear to me because you are God’s gift to me.  Next Saturday, May 30th at 5:30pm Mass, a group of Vietnamese people from Wichita and some friends from Marion County would like to come to McPherson to pray for me and also to celebrate my 15th anniversary.  The Vietnamese group would like to sing a few songs in Vietnamese during Holy Mass.  Because there will be many friends coming from outside of town and I don’t want them to go home hungry, I would like to have a parish potluck supper immediately after Mass in the commons area (the parish hall will be used for a wedding reception).  Everyone in our parishes is invited to the Holy Mass and the supper.  You are welcome to bring any type of food that you would like to share, but no one has to, because there will be plenty of food, including Vietnamese food for everyone.  Thank you everybody for your friendship and love for me, especially our St. Joseph’s school students and staff (they celebrated my anniversary with a song and also with a big cake on Monday, May 18).  You truly make me feel loved and special—THANK YOU.  Truthfully, I did not plan to have an anniversary celebration, but too many people would like me to do something so that we could be together and enjoy our friendship.  I told myself that since the people of God want it, they may have it because this is the second time we are celebrating my anniversaries:  on my 10th and now 15 years.  The next one will be my 20 years?

“Lord, make me your fisher of men,” I love you all, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 12:17

My Dear Parishioners,

We give thanks to God for our family and friends, especially our parents who gave us life and love.  May God keep every one of us safe and healthy, happy and full of love for God and one another.  The best part of everyday for us is to know that we are loved:  eternally loved by God and truly loved by our family and friends.  We are truly blessed to be born and having a wonderful life today.

Please know that in our Wichita diocese and many dioceses in the United States, the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord has been transferred to Sunday, May 17th.  The reason this date was transferred from a weekday to a weekend was so that everyone could attend Holy Mass to worship God and to receive God in the Holy Eucharist.  Please make every effort to keep the Lord’s holy day throughout your life.  We are to put God first and offer to God our prayer, thanksgiving and love.  In addition, everyone in our family and among our friends, both living and deceased, constantly needs our prayers and love.  Holy Mass is the greatest form of prayer, thanksgiving, love and worship to God.  I hope to see everyone at Holy Mass regardless of the weather conditions or how busy we are, for I know that that’s what God would want from all of us, to put into practice what we believe.

Can you believe that the school year is about over?  Please join me in thanking God for our beautiful and free country where every child has the right to a good education.  One of the saddest parts of living in America is that not everyone takes the opportunity given to be educated, to be opened-minded and to be successful in life and above all, to worship God freely at any place.  Rather, we have focused on sports instead of education, family and God.  Education is needed in every town, village and country for no one is born knowing it all.  We all have to be taught by someone such as our parents or teachers, etc.  Everyone on earth also needs to be loved by our family and friends.  Again, a faithful friend is a treasure.  Another sad part of our society is that too many people take our freedom for granted by not appreciating the sacrifices our ancestors and many people made with their lives to protect us.  Personally, I love to live in small towns/country instead of big cities full of violence, crime, drugs, vicious people or crazy driving people.  I thank God for where I am at for I get to go hunting and fishing.  I hope you enjoy living where you are at for the grass is not greener in big cities.  It’s much more peaceful here in God’s country, don’t you think?

Finally, Thursday, May 21st will be our last school day here at St. Joseph.  Let us give thanks to God for another successful academic school year.  We thank God for our parish staff, teachers, aids, and volunteers for making this school year the best year it could be for our children to learn, to be educated and to enjoy.  May God keep everyone safe, sound and happy every day, especially our children.  May they learn a lot from their parents this summer by putting God first in their family, and how to cook, clean, and do chores around the house.  A family that eats together stays together.  A family that prays together will be with each other in heaven.  God, family and good friends are the joys of our life today and eternally in heaven.  We all can have God, family and good friends if we love them today.

Love you all, Fr. Hien

PS. Congratulations to our St. Joseph school for winning the two important awards on our parade float:  Best People’s Choice & Best Theme.

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 09:28

My Dear Parishioners,

The month of May is a beautiful month full of love from our blessed Virgin Mother Mary and also from our loving moms.  Every one of us would not be here without the love of our moms who accepted the will of God and gave us the right to life.  Our mothers carried us in their wombs and nurtured us.  They spent timeless months and years to care for us because they love us so much.  To all mothers, we thank God for you.  Thank you for your great love for us and please forgive us for the shortcomings and mistakes we committed that offended you, including our lack of respect and love toward you.  May God bless you on this Mother’s Day with true love and happiness from heaven and from all of your loved ones.  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!  As a priest, I am looking forward to blessing all mothers at Holy Mass this weekend.  Besides our birthmothers, every one of us has a heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Jesus entrusted His beloved mother to be our spiritual Mother to constantly pray and intercede for us until we are in heaven with God.  Mary will beg her son Jesus to show His Divine Mercy to save us.  Come to Mary with your prayers and devotion for she loves you dearly.

Last weekend, we were blessed to have so many young children receive their First Confession and Holy Communion in our parishes.  May they continue to grow in faith, hope and love for God, their family and friends.  I pray that their parents and godparents will carry out their promises made on the day they brought their children to church to be baptized.  Every Catholic parent and godparent promised to raise their children Catholic by praying with them, teaching them the Catholic faith and helping them live out their Catholic faith.

If you are reading this letter before Friday, May 8th, please join our McPherson community for our annual All School’s Day parade to be held in downtown McPherson.  I believe that our St. Joseph school is building a big ship for me to be their captain.  Our previous Bishop Michael Jackals often calls me, “Captain Hien.”  He must have read my escape story.  There will be no school in our county so that everyone can be together to celebrate life, friendship, history, entertainment, etc…  Hope to see you at the parade and look for the man in black.

Can you believe that I am going to a baseball game?  Yes, it’s happening on Wednesday, May 13th with our St. Joseph’s students.  It’s happening because I have never been to a baseball game.  Baseball has not been my cup of tea because I didn’t have the opportunity to play it in my youth.  Last year was the first time ever in my life I watched an entire baseball game because the Kansas City Royals were doing so well in 29 years.  I am looking forward to being with our students at the Wingnuts game and having fun with them.

Finally, our Bishop Kemme has asked us to pray the rosary before Mass throughout this month of May to ask our Blessed Mother for her intercession:  that all people who face harm and danger because of their religious beliefs and practices be preserved and protected. Let us pray for the end of wars, violence and religious persecution in the world, especially toward the Christians, so that everyone will have the right to life and to worship God.  Mother Mary helps us and all mothers to love their babies and give them the right to life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, Fr. Hien

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