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Parish 5 Day Outlook

Sunday, November 23rd

Monday, November 24th

Pilgrim Virgin Mary • 8:00am - 9:00am
NO SCHOOL - Regan Intitute for Teacher • 8:00am
Meals on Wheels-Rinker • 11:15am - 12:15pm
Tuesday, November 25th

Linda Harger's Birthday
Tamme Lackey's
NO SCHOOL - Regan Intitute for Teacher • 8:00am
Wednesday, November 26th

NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break • 8:00am
DARE • 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Thursday, November 27th

NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break • 8:00am
Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 12 November 2014 12:10

My Dear Parishioners of St. Joseph,

Please join me in congratulating the following new lectors for our parish: Lauren Wankum & Helen Adams; and also our new extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion--Linda Reese, Helen Adams, Janet Rader, Lauren Wankum and Laura Parks; our re-certified ministers---William Martin, John Martinez, Diane Marshall, Robin Elsasser and Dave O’Reilly.  We thank God for these and all lectors and extraordinary ministers in our parish.  May God bless you on these special and important ministries at Holy Mass.  The above new and re-certified ministers, please stop by the church office to pick up your certificates signed by our Bishop Carl Kemme.  Thank you!

Please join our Knights of Columbus for a special memorial Mass this Saturday, November 15th at 5:30 PM, where they will remember the deceased council members and all souls at Holy Mass.  Following Mass, everyone is invited to the parish hall where the Knights will be serving cake and ice cream.

Looking ahead---please plan to join our parish for our 2nd annual Parish Thanksgiving dinner after 5:30pm Mass on November 22nd.  The parish will provide turkey, dressing, dessert and tableware.  You are welcome to bring a side dish to share if you would like, but you don’t have to.  Everyone is invited to join us for Holy Mass and a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together after Mass to celebrate our thankfulness to God and to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together.  We thank God for our country, our lives & faith, our families & friends, jobs & homes, and above all, our beloved deceased families, friends and parishioners who sacrificed so much for us and our freedom.  May they all and all of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace, amen.  Please continue praying for all souls throughout this month.  We pray for them and when they make it to heaven, they will pray for us.  The truth is--we all need others to pray for us today, and especially after we die, for without others loving and praying for us, we will be truly lost.  Prayer brings peace and happiness to our hearts and souls.  Life is a cycle of love.  If we love one another, others will love us in return, even a thousand years after we die.  God never meant for us to be self-centered or “me” only, but to share our hearts, hands and love with one another.  Live well each day with God and with one another!

Finally, please enjoy the stewardship letter I sent to your home and share it with your family, including your children.  Your children are the future of our church and parish.  They need to know that you are a generous, loving and faithful stewardship family.  You share and you sacrifice for others and the church because you love God.  Please teach your children that food doesn’t fall on the table at dinner time, someone such as moms & dads had to make the sacrifices to prepare and cook it.  Money doesn’t come from a tree either, but people like moms & dads had to work hard to buy our food and to pay for our home and many bills.  Our church & school doesn’t pay its bills by itself either, but from the generous hands and hearts of faithful stewardship families like your family.  Nobody can teach your children about God and life better than you can as parents with your words and deeds.  One of the best lessons in life that every mom and dad could teach their children is “Give to God what belongs to God with our time, talent and treasure.”  When we trust in God, God will provide to us all that we need today and also for eternal life.

Love God always, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 09:02

My Dear Parishioners,

I give thanks to God for you all, especially those of you who are young at heart.  First, I thank God for our children at St. Joseph school who enjoy learning their faith everyday and also love to sing at Holy Mass.  Our many PSR and CYM students also come to religion on Wednesday nights and also attended last Wednesday night’s Holy Mass, although the weather was very cold last week.  Second, I thank God for our Altar Society ladies who are involved in so many ministries in our parish.  Some ladies and men of our parish are also active in their Legion of Mary movement.  They meet and pray on Tuesdays afternoon and also deliver the pilgrim statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary to different homes.  Our Knights of Columbus recently celebrated a memorial Mass for their brother Knights and all souls last Saturday.  They also love to cook and serve food to our parish family on Sundays.  Third, there are so many school parents who are quite involved with our school activities and also the activities of our children; some are also helping out at our school at lunch time.  Finally, many of you are very faithful in your adoration prayer, even when the weather is so cold and windy at night.  You are more faithful in visiting our Lord and pray at night than Fr. Hien, I am proud of you.  Of course there are many others who do things behind the scene that only God knows.  To everyone, thank you for loving our Lord and being involved in our parish family.

Please join our parish family for a special Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday, November 22nd after 5:30pm Mass.  Everyone is invited.  Bring your family and friends.  I will go out to shoot some turkey for our meal….just kidding…J.  I have the turkeys ready and can’t wait to help Vernon Demel cook the turkeys.  You can bring a side dish to share if you would like; however, we will have plenty of food for everyone.  Please be careful traveling for Thanksgiving next week.  It will be the busiest traveling day in America.  Slow down and always be careful.  Safety first please so that I don’t have to do your funeral.  I am not ready for your funeral yet.  If you are in town next Thursday, November 27th, Thanksgiving Day, please join me for our Thanksgiving Mass at 8:05am, St. Joseph.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

I hope you have read my stewardship letter sent to your home.  A stewardship prayer card is inserted in our hymnals for you to pray for our parish as we strive to live a faithful stewardship way of life.  Please remember to return your stewardship forms to the church as soon as you can and also to receive incentive for returning your stewardship forms.  Thanks for doing so!

Finally, on behalf of little Avery Sawyer, daughter of Lucas & Kayla Sawyer, thank you everyone for your prayer, support and financial donations toward the operation on her heart.  I personally call her a miracle girl because she is precious and very adorable.  I was so happy to see her at Holy Mass with her family last weekend.  Precious Avery looked at me and smiled at me, every time, she’s cute.  I felt special.  Not long ago, her heart condition was doing poorly due to the holes in her heart since birth.  She was taken to the special hospital in Boston, MA for a special heart surgery.  Her parents informed me that Avery would need about 3 special surgeries to fix her heart with God’s blessing.  However, the doctor was able to fix her up in one surgery and after a few days, she was released from the hospital and even attended Mass at St. Joseph with her family.  I immediately gathered her parents, her sister and a few parishioners and we prayed together, thanking God for the successful surgery upon Avery.  Personally, God has saved her through your prayers, love and support and also through the work of skilled surgeons and hospital staff.  We all can serve God and love one another as a Christian society.  Please know that God is always there for you; therefore, love Him always and at all times, and always give your loved ones, born or unborn or even elderly, the chance to live every time.  Life is precious and sacred to God and should be for all of us.  Miracles are happening every day because we have faith, hope and love in God.  God is with us! Fr. Hien

Third Grade Class Learns the Apostles' Creed Print
Written by Mrs. Peggy Bahr   
Wednesday, 29 October 2014 09:03

This is why I love St. Joseph Catholic School and Catholic Education!  Watch as our third graders are learning the Apostles' Creed!

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 10:28

My Dear Parishioners of St. Bridget and St. Joseph,

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Wow, Thanksgiving is nearer than we think for we are already in November.  Please join me throughout this month of November to pray daily and also at Holy Mass for all souls, especially our beloved deceased family, friends and parishioners.  Please also remember to visit the cemeteries where your loved ones were buried and pray that soon, they may see God face to face in heaven.  We pray for them because we care for their salvation.  We love them dearly and we wish eternal life for them all.  As a priest, today I am living but tomorrow I might die.  I know that I need many prayers from everyone today and also after I die so that I may be with God in heaven.  Please pray for me as I continue to pray for you and your family.  My hope is that you and your loved ones will always love God, trust in God, and believe in God and that one day you will be with God in heaven.  Please forgive me for the times I failed, both in words and in deeds, to lead you toward our Lord.  Please remember never to give up your faith and your trust in God, even when your priest such as me fails you.  Your faith in God and the good deeds you do in this life will be your salvation.  Perhaps it might help you not to expect too much of me so that you may realize that I am as human as you are and I’m in need your love, prayer, and encouragement to continue in my ministry.  Thank you for your love, prayer and care for me.

Here in our parishes, November is the month that we will re-examine our stewardship way of life to God.  Every one of us is called to be God’s good and faithful steward of His gifts and our human life entrusted to us.  The stewardship theme for this year is, “The Joy of the Gospel.” This is to remind us that when we practice stewardship, there is joy in our hearts and souls.  We are to rejoice/be happy that we are living out the Gospel of Jesus.  We are practicing the teachings of Jesus by sharing our time, talent and treasure in our church for the glory of God and salvation of souls.  Stewardship helps us focus on Jesus for He is the joy of our life and not worldly things.  By sharing and giving of our time, talent and treasure, we are living a joyful, happy and thankful life that God blessed us.  In the near future, every registered family in our parishes will receive their stewardship forms in the mail.  Please visit with your family and prayerfully consider being more involved in your parish and also tithe to God as a sign of your commitment to God in His church.  This would be difficult for those who do not desire to please God with their time, talent and treasure.  I trust that you will desire to please God and follow His ways.  Our lives as Catholics are not just going to church once a week or on Christmas & Easter, but to be involved and be willing to extend our hands & hearts and make sacrifices for our faith.  Faithful stewardship will help us grow deeply into our Catholic faith and transform us into the person of Christ on earth.  Others will see the good that you do and give glory to God.  Personally, I have grown to love my Catholic faith that my parents gave me when I was a baby.  I chose to embrace it when I was a teenager and even more today as a priest.  I have always desired to do God’s will and to serve God wherever He might lead me.  I have no doubt that He will lead me, guide me and be with me all the days of my life.  I am blessed to be His instrument as a priest.  In my heart, whether I live or die, I am His.  I live a thankful and happy life as much as I can every day.  I hope all my parishioners will come to love their Catholic faith, and live joyfully, happily and peacefully with one another every day.  Life is precious, love it & enjoy it with one another today and in eternity, Fr. Hien

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