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Parish 5 Day Outlook

Friday, September 4th

First Oktoberfest Turn In
Mrs. Peggy Bahr's Birthday
Baptism Mass • 8:05am - 8:45am
Saturday, September 5th

Sunday, September 6th

Monday, September 7th

No School
Tuesday, September 8th

Oktoberfest Assembly • 7:50am - 8:00am
Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 02 September 2015 09:27

My Dear Parishioners,

Please join me in extending our sympathy and prayer to the families of Mary Wirth and Jose Valdez, who recently passed on to eternal life.  Mary was a long time parishioner who was very faithful to her Catholic faith with her prayers and attending Holy Mass on Saturday nights.  At the age of 90, she still came to church early and sometimes I got to visit with her before Mass.  God called her to Himself on Sunday, August 23rd.  I celebrated her funeral Mass on Friday, August 28th in the presence of her family, many friends and parishioners.  We thank God for her faithfulness and her many years of serving God in our church especially as a Eucharistic Minister.  What I will miss most about Mary is her smile and faithfulness to her Catholic faith even at her age of 90 by attending church and enjoying the friendship of others.  I was wondering how many of us youngsters will still be going to church when we get that age.  She made herself get out of her house so that she could be with our Lord in church and also have a normal and joyful life with others.  Nothing could hold her back from being in church and also being with people.  I know that God loves her much because she was faithful to God.

Moreover, the last time I saw Joe Valdez was when he was in the hospital here in McPherson in the presence of his wife, Gloria.  We prayed together with Joe and I gave him the sacrament of anointing of the sick.  I was surprised to know that he passed away on Wednesday, August 26th.  I celebrated his funeral Mass on Monday, August 31st here at St. Joseph.  Joe was put to rest at the McPherson Cemetery.  Our sympathy is extended especially to his long time wife of fifty-four years.  Joe & Gloria are very special to me because of their faithfulness to God and to each other as spouses.  Lately Joe was not able to make it to church and if he did, he would come to church with an oxygen tank in hand and a walker or walking stick.  I would come over and visit with Gloria to see how he was doing.  I will miss the times I sat next to them and visited with them.  They loved to come to church together as a couple.  They also loved to stay for our monthly potluck dinner after Mass.  Joe had more health problems than most people in life; however, I never saw him upset, angry or mad at himself, anyone else or at God.  He always smiled and thanked God for everything he has especially his family and dear wife.  He lived to love and appreciate God’s love and people’s love for him.  May he now live eternally with our loving Lord in heaven.

September is here and this coming weekend is Labor Day weekend.  I hope everyone will enjoy this Labor Day weekend with your family and friends.  There will be no school on Monday, so have fun everyone celebrating Labor Day.  God gives us our hands and good health so that we may work hard for the good of our country and also for the benefit of others.  We thank God for the work of our human hands.

CYM Kick Off: Next Wednesday, September 9th, at 6:30pm in our parish hall, all high school students of St. Joseph and St. Bridget are invited to our first youth event.  There will be food and lots of fun for everyone.  If any adults in our parishes would like to help with our youth program or in our PSR programs, please contact our PSR coordinators Linda Harger@241-0821 at St. Joseph or Laurie Rutherford@785-342-9654 for St. Bridget and Nikki Wankum@ 245-0566, our CYM coordinator.  Whether you are a young person or older, please don’t forget that God gives us this day so that we may love Him and enjoy the wonderful life with our family and friends.  Our bodies are getting older everyday but our hearts and spirit are always young, we call it “young at heart.”  I have learned to live daily with a “young at heart” attitude so that I may see God in every person and in God’s creation; so that I may love others as God loves them; so that I may enjoy this precious moment given to me by God.  Life is precious, life is short here on earth, love it and you will never die for you have God in your heart, mind and soul.  Eternal rest grant unto Mary Wirth and Joe Valdez, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.  May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.  I love you all, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 26 August 2015 10:01

My Dear Parishioners,

This coming Thursday & Friday, August 27th & 28th, we will celebrate the feast days of a mother and a son saints, St. Monica and St. Augustine.  St. Monica is known for her great love for her family, especially her son Augustine.  At a young age, although Augustine was born intelligent, he failed to take the advice and Catholic teachings of his mother.  He lived an immoral life style.  He even ran away from home and above all, he didn’t really believe in God.  He was rebellious toward his faith and embraced heresy.  St. Monica knew that her son was in great spiritual trouble and in great need of her ceaseless prayer and love.  She cried and cried and persistently begged for God’s help every day.  She even gave up everything to follow her son wherever he went, even overseas in a foreign land to look for her son.  She kept praying and praying for the conversion of her son.  Not too long before she died in a foreign land, her motherly love and prayer came true.  Augustine finally changed his heart and became a real believer in God.  He then studied a lot about God and was ordained a priest and a bishop.  He became one of the most well known and famous saints in the church.  St. Monica became a woman of deep faith in God with a real love for her family.  May every mother in our society imitate her examples of faith and family love.  Let us trust that real love will overcome all obstacles and evil in life.  With constant prayer, we can win back to God our loved ones for the sake of their salvation.  St. Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”  God, family, and good friends are most important to us in this life.  Love them!

Today, we thank God for our first successful week of school at St. Joseph.  Everything went well and our children loved being back to school.  Most people don’t realize that as teachers and staff at St. Joseph, we have to deal with many unforeseen situations everyday at church.  One thing that I noticed every day and that our staff did so well is taking care of our children, especially in the nurse’s room.  Children were sent to the nurse’s room for their personal needs because they got hurt, cut themselves, didn’t feel well and were really sick, etc… Too often they came crying and hurting; our staff calmed them down and did all that they could to help our children.  Many times we had to contact the parents so that they could come and take the children home to rest or to the doctor.  Here at St. Joseph school, we are truly doing all that we can to love God’s children by teaching the faith and serving to their needs.  This really makes me happy and proud of our teachers and staff.  Our teachers and staff are like another mom and dad to our children at school.  They love our children.

Furthermore, not too long ago I had a chance to visit with one of the mothers in our parish who told me that, “Father, I had children attending Wednesday night religion for years and now I need to start being more involved and helping out with the program.”  Wow, she made my day.  I would love to see more parents getting involved with our religion programs.  I believe that there is no better time for you as a parent to be involved with your children’s religion program than now while they are attending the programs, even if you could just attend Wednesday night Mass with them once a month.  Your children need you now and not when you feel like you have the time.  You can make the time for your children just like you have made the time to attend their schools and sports events to show them your love and support.  Please contact the parish office if you could help teach or just volunteer in our PSR & CYM programs.  Thank you for making a good example of faith and love for your children.  God bless you all, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Friday, 21 August 2015 07:31

My Dear parishioners,

Glory and praise to our God!  We give thanks to our almighty God for all the blessings, graces and love bestowed upon us, our family & friends and also in our parishes.  We are God’s property here on earth and may we love God so much that one day we will all be in heaven with God for all eternity like our Blessed Mother Mary.

Please join me in welcoming back our Saint Joseph students to school this week.  We are also blessed to have some new faces.  We began our new school year with a special Holy Mass on Monday and it was beautiful.  It was beautiful because we had God with us along with many family members at Holy Mass.  During Mass I asked our students, “Are you happy to be back to school?”  I was surprised to hear so many of them say yes.  I asked them why?  And they told me that it was good to be with their friends again, to be with their teachers again and above all to be with God again and to pray to God.  I was very happy to see them all again and so I gave each one of them a piece of candy at the end of Mass.  Let us keep our students and all children in our parishes close by our hearts every day in our daily prayer.  If every mom and dad, brother and sister, grandfather and mother, etc… could say a prayer such as one Hail Mary for us each day, our souls would be so blessed and our life would be so fantastic.  Let us also remember that regardless of our age, it’s very important that we do our part of keeping all of our loved ones in our hearts and prayers every day.  The only one person that we can expect to do good every day is ourselves for that would be what Jesus would want us to do, “Do good unto others.”

St. Joseph: at the end of Holy Mass this weekend at St. Joseph, a representative(s) from our Youth Ministry (CYM) will give a short speech to invite and encourage our adult parishioners to help with our CYM program beginning mid-September.  We also would like to have more parents, grandparents and adult parishioners help with our religious program (PSR) for the younger students, 8th graders and younger.  As I mentioned above, we are all called to do good unto others.  It’s also our responsibility as members of the parish to help others, especially children, to know the faith and live the faith.  Please do not be afraid to be more involved in our church family for God will be your guide and the Holy Spirit will be your teacher.  All we have to do is to love Jesus and trust in Him.  Religion classes for our children will be held on Wednesday nights for approximately 1 hour, 7pm to approximately 8pm.  Please consider spending 1 hour with your children for the love of Jesus to pass on our Catholic faith to them, especially those of you who were once a teacher or currently a teacher for you have been entrusted with the gift of teaching.  I would like to meet with everyone who would like to help in this ministry of PSR and/or CYM programs, especially our teachers and helpers from last year, at 7pm on Wednesday, August 26th in the parish hall. I hope to see you all for many hands will help.  I will continue doing all that I can for our children.  I will celebrate Holy Mass for them and teach them the faith at Holy Mass.  I will have adoration and confessions for them.  I would teach in their classroom if needed.  Currently, we are blessed with about 9 adults making plans for our CYM program and we would love to have a few more helpers.  Thank you to all those who did so much for our children in the past for the love of Jesus, Jesus loves you much now and forever.  God bless our moms and dads, and all children of our parishes.  May God also bless all college students currently attending different colleges in our area.  Please know that we welcome you to our church and parish life, Fr. Hien


Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 10:10

My Dear Parishioners,

Summer time and vacation is coming to an end.  A new school year will be starting Monday, August 17th for our children.  We pray and hope that every child will take the opportunity given to learn all that they can to be successful and to feel good about themselves and their accomplishments in life.  God bless every one of us with this beautiful life so that we may come to know Him, love Him and serve Him in order that we may be in heaven with Him for all eternity in the perfect life of heaven.  The greatest lesson in life is to know that we are loved by God and that God has a plan for all of us to be in heaven with Him for eternity.  Personally, I love my life that God blessed me with.  I pray that one day I will be blessed by God again with the eternal and perfect life of heaven.  For this reason, I live to love God with all my heart, mind and soul.  I live to profess my faith in God and also to believe in His love for me in the sacraments.  I am blessed to be born and also to be a Catholic.

My time in Carthage, Missouri, last weekend was wonderful.  I enjoyed it a lot with my family and my relatives from Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlantic City, and Huntsville, AL.  I also got to see many friends, some are priests and some are in religious orders.  The one person that I spent most of my time with was Fr. Eric Weldon, a classmate of mine.  He is currently serving at St. Margaret Mary in Wichita.  This was his first time going to the Marian Days.  Fr. Weldon, and the other Vietnamese priests from our diocese and myself, were shocked by the recognition given during Mass by Bishop James Conley, who is currently a bishop for Lincoln, NE diocese.  We were asked by Bishop Conley to stand up in front of thousands of people.  Before he became a bishop, he was a priest from our diocese and in 1987 he went to the Marian Days for the first time with the Vietnamese people from St. Patrick, Wichita.  Now that he is a bishop, he got to celebrate Holy Mass for the Vietnamese people.  It was truly a blessing.  During Mass, I came to realize that every one of us needs God regardless of our race, color, language or age.

This week, we have our teachers back to school for their teachers’ in-services.  It has been a quiet summer and the whole-building is starting to get louder and busier.  It will be even busier when our students are back to school on Monday the 17th but that’s what we are here for:  to be with each other and to be with God loving Him in the sacraments.

Finally, please join me for a special Holy Mass this Saturday at 9am to honor our Blessed Mother Mary on her feast day of the Assumption into heaven.  Mary was blessed by God with her life, family and friends.  Mary was God’s most favored woman because she lived everyday thinking of God, loving God and trusting in God.  She said, “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.  For He has looked upon His handmaid's lowliness; the Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is His name.”  Because Mary loved God much, trusted in God much, and desired to be with God much for all eternity, she was blessed with both her body and soul in heaven.  We celebrate the Assumption of Mary, her body and soul taken into heaven, as a reminder that God can do all things and that if we love God much, we will be blessed by Him with eternal life with Mary and all the angels and saints in heaven.  Let all of us imitate the love and trust that Mary had in God so that great things will be done upon our bodies and souls today and also after we die.  May our spiritual Mother Mary in heaven pray for us and our loved ones until we are in heaven with her.  Please don’t forget to say your daily devotion to Mary such as one Our Father and 3 Hail Mary’s.  A little prayer goes a long way, beyond this life to the perfect life of heaven, trust me, Fr. Hien

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