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Parish 5 Day Outlook

Monday, January 26th

Catholic School Week
Grade Check
6th grade Band at MMS • 2:10pm - 3:25pm
Tuesday, January 27th

Magazine Sales Ends
Community Day
Catholic School Week
Future City Presentation • 8:00am - 8:15am
Bingo at Disability Supports-6th/Kindercare • 1:45pm - 3:00pm
Stewardship Meeting: Holy Family Room • 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 28th

Catholic School Week
WISS Sock Hop for Student Day • 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Family Night Dance in Sister's Shoes "Fun"draiser • 6:00pm - 7:30pm
PSR • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Thursday, January 29th

Kansas Day
Catholic School Week
RCIA Class • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Friday, January 30th

Mid Term Quarter 3
Catholic School Week
Grandparent's Day • 10:00am - 1:00pm
Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 11:28

My Dear Parishioners of My Lord,

Peace, love and good health from our Lord be with you all.  I pray that every one of us will always love God with all our heart, mind and soul.  Every one of us has the ability to know God, to love God, and to serve God and pray to God every day.  These are privileges that we have and not other creatures on earth.  We are blessed with these gifts because we were made in the image and likeness of God because God loves us more than any creature on earth.  God even loves one single person more than everything in this life put together.  It’s unfortunate that so many people are loving worldly things and not their spouse, family, friends or God.  Too many people are blindsided and therefore living every day for worldly things such as money and not for their loved ones or eternal life of heaven.  God never intends anyone to lose his or her life/soul today or eternally.  Please live each day in deep union with God and in love and peace with others.

Let us thank our Knights of Columbus for putting together another successful annual chili meal for everyone to enjoy last Saturday.  It was so good to see so many people come and support our Knights and enjoy great friendship.  Thank you to our Knights for making us a family of God with what you do.  Everyone is invited to our special Mass next Sunday when our St. Joseph students will sing and praise God.  After Mass, our Knights will serve a pancake breakfast for everyone to enjoy.

St. Joseph School week:  Next Friday, January 30th, our school has a special Mass for grandparents’ day.  Holy Mass will start at 10am, followed by a luncheon in the parish hall for everyone.  We thank our parents and grandparents for your love, prayer and support for our school.  May God bless you and reward you with His many blessings and true love from our children and grandchildren.  Please join me in thanking our school principal, parish teachers and office staff for their great love and dedication to our children.  These staff come to St. Joseph everyday to serve God by teaching and passing on their faith to our children with their wisdom, experience, knowledge, skill and above all with their faith-filled character.  They are precious to our church and school.  I believe that Catholic education is priceless for it forms our children into the person of Jesus Christ.  It teaches our children to know God, to love God, and to serve God by loving and taking care of their family, friends and those in need.  Our children learn many valuable lessons at school every day.  The weakest area of Catholic education is when a child fails to practice what he/she has learned.  Our children need everyone, especially at home, putting God first in their lives by praying together, eating together, going to church together and also doing good deeds together as a family.  Let us ask ourselves as adults, “What have I done for my children that will lead them to believe in themselves that they could be successful in life and also to desire heaven?”  I know that our children have learned a lot at St. Joseph.  They really need every one to help them live out their Catholic faith and put what they have learned into practice.  Faith and knowledge must be put into action in order for it to transform the hearts, mind and conscience of our children.

Live a faith-filled life, everyone, in every moment, Fr. Hien

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 09:58

My Dear Parishioners,

Wow, it was very cold, windy and snowy last week.  It makes me want to be in Vietnam where the normal temperature this time of year is in the high 80s and not 5 degrees or sub-zero, plus the wind chill.  I hope the weather will not be so cold here in the next few weeks and months.  However, let us remember that God is in charge of everything in the natural world such as the wind, snow, hot & cold, etc…  Because God so loves us; He allows us to be in charge of many things in life, such as how much we eat, how we drive, how loving and caring we are to others, how appreciative and grateful we are to God, etc… One of the most important choices in life that we must make well all the time regardless of the weather, how well we feel, how much money we have, who is involved, etc… is to be life-giving to one another.  We are to give and protect every human life from the moment of conception to natural death.  Recently we have seen too much violence, bombing and killing in our country and also throughout the world such as in France.  Too many people have no fear of God and make bad choices by hurting and killing others.  Let us pray that every human being starts listening to their conscience, to their soul, to their guardian angels and to God so that our world will be a better place and so we may have eternal life in heaven.  Please join me in praying daily and especially at Holy Mass for the end of all killing, especially the unborn babies.  Every child is truly precious & sacred and deserves the right to have life, to have a family, to graduate, to have a job, to a have wedding or a religious vocation, and above all to breathe the fresh air everyday and enjoy this beautiful life with their loved ones.  Everyone is called to respect and treasure every human life from conception through natural death.  On Thursday, January 22nd, our nation will mark the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal throughout America, but it’s illegal in the eyes of God, for God says, “Thou shall not kill.”  Since that horrific decision by our government, more than 56 million children's lives have been killed from abortion.  These innocent Americans were killed defenselessly & voicelessly although they did no wrong or harm to anyone or to our society.  Why are we killing our own people?  Can anyone imagine how many innocent babies have been killed throughout the world?  It’s time for every family to love like the Holy Family, to have God as the center of their lives and to live everyday for the ones they love such as their spouse, children, siblings, grandparents, uncles & aunts, friends and neighbors, etc...

Let us thank God and thank our parents for our lives and also join thousands of others across America coming together in prayer for a "culture of life" from Saturday, January 17 to Sunday, January 25 in Washington D.C.  We pray for their safe trips and fruitful journey toward saving lives, saving Americans, and saving the future of America.  A Prayer For Life: Father and maker of all, you adorn all creation with splendor and beauty, and fashion human lives in your image and likeness.  Awaken in every heart reverence for the work of your hands, and renew among your people a readiness to nurture and sustain your precious gift of life. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen

Now that the holy and joyful season of Christmas is over, we are in the Ordinary Time until Ash Wednesday, February 18th.  As of January 18th, it is the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Please be not afraid to join us in singing and praising God during Holy Mass.  Finally, those parishioners who have not returned their stewardship forms to the parish office should have received a special letter from the parish this week to remind you that we need your faithful stewardship for the mission of our parish.  In the near future, the parish’s representatives will be contacting you to remind you again.  Thank you to all those who take stewardship faithfully and seriously to support our church and Catholic education, may God bless you and reward you for your great love and trust in God.

Stay warm everyone, Fr. Hien.

Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 09:39

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Happy feast day of the Baptism of the Lord!  It was on this day that Jesus was baptized by St. John the Baptist in the Jordan River to reveal the Holy Trinity to the whole world and also sanctified the water for our baptisms for the cleansing of original sin and the forgiveness of all personal sins in order for us to live a new and holy life of God within us.  For these important reasons, baptism is necessary for salvation because it cleans us from all our sins and makes us beloved sons and daughters of God for eternal life.  Through baptism, we become God’s holy temples and God dwells within us for we are God’s holy people.  At the moment of Jesus’ baptism, we see the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus in the form of a dove; we also hear the voice of God the Father announcing that this is His Son, in whom He was well pleased.  Please know that we, too, through our baptism, are God’s beloved sons and daughters who are to bring God’s eternal love to all people so that they too may come to receive the sacraments and have eternal life from God.  Since the day we were baptized and for the rest of our lives, we are to reject sin, and to always profess our faith in Christ Jesus.  As parents and godparents, you are to lead your family toward God and toward eternal life by keeping the flame of your children’s faith alive in their hearts, minds and souls.  This is your utmost responsibility everyday toward your children and godchildren.  For these reasons, please always keep your faith alive with your daily prayer and also by being active in your Catholic faith and encouraging your children to live their Catholic faith with you.  You have heard it said, “The good, the bad and the ugly,” may none of us become “the bad or the ugly” Catholics due to our lack of love, faith and devotion to God.  Please join me and the rest of our parish family in loving and worshiping God every day, and especially on the Lord’s Day of obligation at Holy Mass.  Personally, what makes me most happy everyday is to be with you, especially our children, at Holy Mass.  I am certain that God is happy with us when we put Him first and always pray for the salvation of one another.  In this New Year of 2015, I wish we all will grow deeper in our faith in God and have greater love for one another.  Please know that it’s possible for us to be good and holy for God is waiting to help us and to bless our efforts.  God will never turn away from anyone, regardless of how we treat God.  Please know that you are eternally loved by God and much loved by me.  I personally thank you for being a part of my life and making me feel loved, especially during this Christmas season.  Thank you!  Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their love and prayers, Christmas cards and gifts to me.  Because of your love, I can see that my life is a blessing.  If you had not loved me, I would have been living in misery, stress, unhappiness, depression and anger.  Thanks for your love, Fr. Hien. Now, please show your love to everyone at home, at work and whoever you meet each day; for they, too, are children of God and they need to be loved.

P.S. any registered, adult, who is a practicing Catholic in good standing, who would like to be a Eucharistic minister for our parishes, please attend one of the following workshops required by the diocese.

2015 Schedule for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Formation Sessions

January 29, 7 pm - Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Newton

February 26, 7 pm - Church of the Holy Cross, Hutchinson

March 14, 10 am - St. Catherine of Siena Church, Wichita

March 26, 7 pm - St Joseph Church, Wichita

May 9, 10 am - Church of the Resurrection, Wichita

June 25, 7 pm - St. Francis of Assisi Church, Wichita

August 4, 7 pm - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, Wichita

September 24, 7 pm - St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Wichita

October 15, 7 pm - Christ the King Church, Wichita

November 7, 10 am - St. Joseph Church, McPherson


Weekly Message from Father Print
Written by Father Hien Nguyen   
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 09:48

God’s Blessings Be with You,

May the blessings of our Lord be upon all of you today and every day throughout this New Year of 2015.  Please know that every day of our life is a blessing from God.  God is always there to bless us and also to help us, especially in times of need or trouble.  Please remember that there is no problem or trouble in life that we can’t handle for we always have God on our side; and with God, nothing is impossible.  To increase our faith, hope, and trust in God, we must have a deep relationship with God every day for He is always by our side to hear our prayer and bless us.  God always longs to hear from the depth of our hearts and souls, including our personal things or problems that no one on earth needs to know.  Please trust me that our Lord is waiting to help us and also to walk with us daily throughout this life; therefore, please think of God every day and pray to God as often as you can.  Your soul will truly be blessed and happy if you truly love God and live daily with God in you.  Again, the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and loved ones are our daily prayers for them.  All souls, both living and deceased, are longing for our love and prayer every day.  Our souls are thirsty until we rest in God.

On this first weekend of the New Year, let us thank God for the gift of each other, especially our spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and many friends.  They are God’s greatest gifts to all of us to know, to love and to care for each and every one of them, regardless of how they treat us.  Children of God are to live in unity, peace and harmony with each other, and together, we are to help each other toward God and toward heaven.

Here at St. Joseph, we would like to welcome our children back to St. Joseph school.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happiest New Year celebration.  Children, please continue enjoying every day of your life with your family and friends, for the best days of your lives are today.  If you are truly living the best day of your lives today, then when tomorrow comes, you will enjoy it even more.  Our goal every day is to live the best day today, when tomorrow comes, we will live it as an even better day, and then finally the day that God calls us to eternal life with Him, it will be the greatest day of our lives.  I hope everyone enjoys their life everyday as much as I do and always know that the greatest day is yet to come, to be in heaven.  I loved my childhood, I loved my adulthood as a priest and I will love it all the more when God blesses me with eternal life.  I thank God for my life, my family and all of you.  I am happy and I hope everyone is also happy, for God is with us and we have so many people loving us.  Happy New Year everyone and please live happily daily throughout this year.  I love you all and I thank you everyone for attending many Holy Masses lately.  I hope and pray that I will be able to help everyone deepen their faith in God and to have greater love for one another.  For the time being, please know that I love you all and God loves you a million times more than me, Fr. Hien

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